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Gen Li, Zannoni Research Associate

Meet Our New Zannoni Research Associate, Gen Li

Gen Li
Gen Li,  Zannoni Research Associate

The International Center for Finance would like to welcome Gen Li to the ICF as a Zannoni Research Associate.  Gen  is the second pre-doctoral research associate to receive the official named title Zannoni Research Associate thanks to the generous support of ICF Advisory Board member, Paolo Zannoni.

Gen Li is assisting Yale SOM professors with their research in corporate finance, behavioral finance and asset pricing.  Gen finished his Master of Finance degree at the University of California San Diego (UCSD).  Supervised by Professor Joey Engelberg and Professor Allan Timmermann while at UCSD, he also participated in several finance research projects in behavioral finance and financial econometrics.  He served as a teaching assistant to Professor Harry Markowitz.  Gen has broad research interests in finance, such as behavioral finance, financial econometrics and asset pricing.  He is also exploring interests in other topics including corporate finance, and the banking sector.