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Learning from Leaders

Learning from Leaders: Barry Nalebuff in Conversation with Daylian Cain

Wednesday, Jun 1 2022 at 12:00 - 1:00 pm EDT

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Barry Nalebuff, Yale School of Management Milton Steinbach Professor of Management, will be joined by Daylian Cain, Yale School of Management Senior Lecturer, for a thoughtful conversation on Barry’s new book, Split the Pie: A Radical New Way to Negotiate. Barry and Daylian will discuss a principled framework for negotiations and how to apply it to business and everyday life.



Barry Nalebuff

Milton Steinbach Professor at the Yale School of Management

Barry Nalebuff has taught negotiation, innovation, strategy, and game theory at Yale SOM for thirty years. He is the coauthor of seven books and an online course. Thinking Strategically and The Art of Strategy are two crossover books on game theory with more than 400,000 copies in print. Co-opetition looks beyond zero-sum games to emphasize the potential for cooperating while competing. Why Not? offers a framework for problem solving and ingenuity. Lifecycle Investing provides a new strategy for retirement investing. Mission in a Bottle tells the story of Honest Tea. His most recent book is Split the Pie, which is based on his negotiation course at SOM. An online version of the negotiation course is available for free on Coursera. It has 400,000 active learners and the second-highest rating on the Coursera platform.SI (Marketing Science Institute) Young Scholar, a title awarded to “potential leaders of the next generation of marketing academics,” and selected as inaugural MSI Scholar in 2018, another prestigious title for “mid-career level academics for individual’s excellence in the field.”

Daylian Cain

Senior Lecturer in Negotiations, Leadership, and Ethics at the Yale School of Management

Dr. Cain's research focuses on "judgment and decision-making" and "behavioral business ethics." In other words, he studies the reasons why smart people do dumb things. Cain is a leading expert on conflicts of interest, especially the "perverse effects of disclosing conflicts of interest," and how to turn altruism on and off. Notably, Cain’s research has been discussed in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Forbes, The New Yorker, the Washington Post, BusinessWeek, USA Today, the New York Times, and other top media outlets such as NPR. Cain has won national teaching awards and has also appeared as a commentator on National Geographic’s popular TV show, Brain Games.