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Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham

Prof. Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham wins Wharton-WRDS Award for Best Empirical Finance Paper

Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham
Prof. Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham

Congratulations to Professor Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham for winning the ‘Wharton School - WRDS Award for the Best Empirical Finance Paper.’  The winning paper is titled, "Predictably Unequal? The Effects of Machine Learning on Credit Markets," with co-authors Andreas Fuster, Swiss National Bank; Tarun Ramadorai, Imperical College London; and Ansgar Walther, Imperial College London.

This award was presented to Professor Goldsmith-Pinkham during the most recent 2019 Western Finance Association Meeting in June.

Click here to read more about Professor Goldsmith-Pinkham’s paper and prize.