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Tania Diaz Bazan

Meet Tania Diaz Bazan, ICF Research Associate

Tania is currently working on the history of global infrastructure with Professors William Goetzmann, ICF Faculty Director, and Geert Rouwenhorst, ICF Deputy Director. Infrastructure requires capital intensive long-term investment. Using historical financial research data, Tania helps the Center to investigate the financing of infrastructure projects over the long term. The study is envisioned as an interdisciplinary and international collaboration.

Tania Diaz BazanAbout Tania Diaz Bazan: Tania Diaz Bazan joined Yale in January 2018, working first at Y-RISE and then at the ICF since November 2018. Prior to joining Yale, Tania worked as Research Professional at the University of Chicago and at the World Bank as a consultant. At the ICF, Tania is studying the financing of infrastructure investments over the last century using historical financial data. Tania holds a Bachelor Degree from Universidad Católica de Cuyo, and a Master in Economics from Universidad de La Plata, both from Argentina. Tania enjoys reading, playing the piano and playing field hockey. 

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