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Natalie Zhu

Internal Finance Faculty & PhD Student Presentations

The Yale SOM finance faculty gather each week to present some of their latest research internally to colleagues and PhD students. The faculty receive peer feedback and suggestions for editing and enhancing their presentations during these informal seminars. The faculty can then adjust their presentations to ensure that their future talks at other universities are clear and interesting.

Most importantly, the finance faculty also encourage the current finance and economics PhD job market candidates to present their work to also gain peer feedback and practice for their upcoming interviews! The PhD students sit in on the weekly presentations and gain a lot of invaluable knowledge about various finance topics and learn how to properly present their research.

Below are a few photos from the Fall 2019 semester presentations:

Chen Wang
Current PhD student and Job Market Candidate, Chen Wang, presenting:
“Under and Over-reaction in Yield Curve Expectations”
Current PhD student and Job Market Candidate, Natalie Zhu, presenting:
“Range-based Expectations”
Assistant Professor Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham presenting: “Medicare and the
geography of financial health”
Professor Emeritus Roger Ibbotson presenting: “The PAPM with Heterogeneous
Preferences and Expectations