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ICF Financial History Friday

Origins of Value Map
The Origins of Value is an online visual database of financial instruments, securities and documents related to the history of financial markets.

Did you know...

The ICF has collected a number of historical bonds, securities, financial instruments, and documents related to the history of financial markets over the years and curates them on the Origins of Value virtual museum website.

The goal of the collection is to identify securities that represent important innovations in financial markets. Many of the pieces in the exhibit represent a new method of raising capital, or a special event or period in capital market history. While interesting historically, the stories they tell are never-the-less pertinent to the global markets of today. Each piece in the collection is, in effect, a contract between a company or country and an investor. The design of these contracts were in some cases remarkably creative and some of the securities had a lasting impact — not only on world finance, but on global politics.


Every Friday we highlight a different item from the collection on twitter using our hashtag: #ICF_FinancialHistoryFriday. Follow us on twitter: @YaleICF to see the items that we have already featured online or search through our Origins of Value database for more!

Below are some of our most recent features from the Origins of Value website: