CEO Summit

We offer intensive national CEO Leadership Summits of short duration. The content and format of our lively, candid seminars are not available elsewhere. Participating CEOs gain perspective on their own current leadership challenges, looking both at their personal styles and the global strategic context of their industries.

The CEO Summit is unique in five fundamental ways:  it offers practical knowledge from fellow prominent CEOs; it is extremely candid and strictly off-the-record; it is highly interactive; it is free of vendor sales pitches; it is intimate in size with a rich balance of experience among participants.

CEO Summit Features

  • Invitation-only
  • Top Management of great global icons (Ford, UPS, Verizon, PepsiCo, Dow, State Farm, Blackstone, IBM, Dell, Morgan Stanley, Honeywell)
  • Participants are Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs, and leading scholars from insitutions such as Yale, Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Emory
  • Topics range from global strategies to leadership succession
  • Unique, peer-driven interactive format designed for accomplished high-profile figures
  • Discussions facilitated by Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

Upcoming CEO Summits

Yale CEO Summit
The NEW New World Order:  Is It Safe to Make Plans?
The Roosevelt Hotel New York | December 12 - 13, 2018

Recent CEO Summits

View past events, agendas, participants and executive summaries from recent programs:


Yale CEO Summit
The American Colossus:  The Best of Times and the Worst of Times?
New York Public Library | June 12 - 13, 2018


Yale CEO Summit
Tech Triumph or Bloated Bubble: Innovation, Investors & Industrial Transformation
The Roosevelt Hotel New York | December 13 - 14, 2017

Yale CEO Summit
Fortifying or Forgetting Forecasting:  Can We Ever Plan Accurately?
New York Public Library | June 8 - 9, 2017

Yale Mexico CEO Forum
Examining New U.S.-Mexico Trade Ripples
Mexico City, Mexico | February 21, 2017


Yale CEO Summit
Delight & Despair over Disruption Part II: The Post-Election Story
Waldorf Astoria New York  | December 14 - 15, 2016

Yale CEO Summit
The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be: Delight and Despair Over Disruption
New York Public Library |  June 7 - 8, 2016


Yale CEO Summit
In Whom Do We Trust: Optimist Visionaries or Cynical Pragmatists?
Waldorf Astoria New York  |  December 16 - 17, 2015

Yale CEO Summit
Tacking around Political Headwinds: Guiding the Free Flow of Information
New York Stock Exchange  |  June 2 - 3, 2015


Yale CEO Summit
The Global CEO and Local Sensitivities: Leading at Once as Diplomat, Patriot, Entrepreneur, Financier, and Industrialist
Waldorf Astoria, New York  |  December 17 - 18, 2014

Yale CEO Global Summit
Trading Places: US-China Perspectives on Trade Partnerships
Beijing, China  |  October 26 - 27, 2014

Yale CEO Summit
Transforming with Transparency: Investing in Innovation amid Public Scrutiny
New York Stock Exchange  |  June  3 - 4, 2014


Yale CEO Summit
The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Global Rules of Engagement: Fairness and Freedom in Taxes and Tariffs
Waldorf Astoria, New York  |  December 18 - 19, 2013

Yale CEO Global Summit
Shared Interests of the G-2: Resolving the Challenges between the World's #1 and #2 Economies
Beijing, China  |  October 23 - 24, 2013

Yale CEO Summit
Can CEOs Be Superheroes: Do We Expect too Much from the Boss?

New York Stock Exchange  |  June 4 - 5, 2013


Yale CEO Summit
What Just Happened? The Impact and Opportunities of Global Government Changes
Waldorf Astoria, New York  |  December 12 - 13, 2012

Yale CEO Summit
Staying Ahead of Economic Currents: Building an Enterprise for the Future Despite Present Day Uncertainties
New York Stock Exchange  |  June 5 - 6, 2012


Yale CEO Leadership Summit
Rethinking Global Markets: Leading Businesses across Divergent National Economies
Waldorf Astoria, Manhattan  |  December 14 - 15, 2011

Yale CEO Leadership Summit
Settling Old Debts, While Taking on New Risks

New York Stock Exchange  |  June 7 - 8, 2011


Yale CEO Summit

Courageous Calls vs. Reckless Risk: Leading through the Unknowable & Triumphing the Unknown
Waldorf Astoria, New York  |  December 15 - 16, 2010

Yale CEO Global Leadership Summit - Mumbai
Leading Global Enterprises across Global Cities: Aspirations, Realities & Alternatives
Mumbai, India  |  October 25 - 26, 2010

Yale CEO Global Leadership Summit - Shanghai
Leading Global Enterprises across Global Cities: Aspirations, Realities & Alternatives
Shanghai, China  |  October 10 - 11, 2010

Yale CEO Leadership Summit
The Truths and Myths of the Evolving “Post-American World”: Getting Our House in Order
New York Stock Exchange  |  June 8 - 9, 2010

2010 Yale Green Summit
Earth Day at 40
New York Stock Exchange  |  April 22, 2010


Yale CEO Leadership Summit
You Can't Go Home Again:  Forging Your New Post-Crisis Business Model
Waldorf Astoria, Manhattan  |  December 16 - 17, 2009

Yale CEO Global Leadership Summit - New Delhi
Navigating the Global Oceans of Opportunity for Indian Business
Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi, India  |  November 5 - 6, 2009

Yale CEO Global Leadership Summit 
Ensuring Happy Days Are Here Again:  Finding Prosperity in Hard Times
New York Stock Exchange  |  June 8 - 9, 2009

CEO Testimonials

I certainly got an appreciation for this leadership event. It is unique—unscripted and candid perspectives. Hard to find in my world. I am not sure how you prepare for such an event. The breadth of knowledge at your fingertips is awesome. So, thank you for the invitation to participate. I am grateful.

- Anne Mulcahy, former Chairman, Xerox

Candid comments by participants allow for organic discussion to take place. Not pre-planned as to outcome, only structure for discussion. Jeff moves the conversation around the room and people can weigh in. This is measurably better than we often find in other formats.

- Kay Koplovitz, Founder, USA Network

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