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CEO Caucus

The CEO Caucus is a semiannual roundtable for business leaders, political leaders, and scholars to discuss the business implications of urgent national and global events that span economics, diplomacy, security, energy, environment, regulation, and politics.

CEO Caucus Features

CEO Caucus Speakers
  • Prestigious venue adjacent to U.S. Capitol
  • Timely, critical issues review and crisis response
  • Magnet for U.S. and global decision makers
  • Invitation-only event limited to renowned CEOs across industries
  • Leading policy makers, legislators, key experts, and top administration officials
  • Topics include business implications of urgent global events on economic, diplomatic, security, energy, environmental, regulatory, and political fronts
  • Unique, interactive format designed for accomplished high-profile figures
  • Discussions facilitated by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Yale Senior Associate Dean

Upcoming CEO Caucus

Yale CEO Caucus: Leading Business Optimism through the Age of Political Grievances 

101 Constitution | September 18, 2024

Yale CEO Caucus

101 Constitution | March 11, 2025

Recent CEO Caucuses

View agendas, participants, and executive summaries from recent CEO Caucus programs:


Yale CEO Caucus: The Secondary Business Effects of the Primary Election Season: Lessons on Guiding Investor, Workforce, Customer, & Community Harmony​​​
Washington, D.C. | March 6, 2024


Yale CEO Caucus​​​
Washington, D.C. | September 13, 2023

Yale CEO Caucus​​​
Washington, D.C. | March 15, 2023


Yale CEO Caucus​​​
Washington, D.C. | September 14, 2022

Yale CEO Caucus 
Creating and Competing for the Future: Guiding and Governing Technology​​​
Washington, D.C. | March 21, 2022


Yale CEO Caucus 
E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One
Virtual  | September 28, 2021

Yale CEO Caucus
Building Back Better? US Business Fortification of a Healthy Economy, Healthy Communities, and Healthy National Governance
Virtual  | March 10, 2021


Yale CEO Caucus
Economic Rejuvenation: Safely Bringing Communities out of Corona Caves
Virtual  | September 23, 2020


Yale CEO Caucus
Running Your Business through Shifting Sands: Traversing Diplomatic Crises and Domestic Causes
Washington, D.C.  | September 18, 2019

Yale CEO Caucus
Guiding Your Business Efforts to the Rule of Law vs the Law of Rulers
Washington, D.C.  | March 20, 2019

Group standing together holding award
September 2019 Legend in Leadership Award recipient Colin Powell


Yale CEO Caucus
Who Will Pass their Midterms?  Business Directions Post Elections
Washington, D.C.  | September 24, 2018

Yale CEO Caucus
The Lowdown on Showdowns: Piloting around Partisan Divides in Immigration, Infrastructure, and Industry
Washington, D.C.  | March 13, 2018


Yale CEO Caucus
Nine Months of the New Business Voice in DC: Corporate Expectations and Economic Realities
Washington, D.C.  | September 19, 2017


Yale CEO Caucus
How We’ll Remember November: The Business Impact of Political Disruption
Washington, D.C.  | September 12, 2016

Yale CEO Caucus
Effective Problem Solving Amid Election Politics: Substantive Solutions vs. Simplistic Slapdowns
Washington, D.C.  | March 15, 2016


Yale CEO Caucus
In Whom Do We Trust?  Politics, Policies, and People
Washington, D.C.  | September 15, 2015

Yale CEO Caucus
The American Century Returns?  A New Dialogue
Washington, D.C.  | March 3, 2015


Yale CEO Caucus
Corporate Priorities amid Congressional Uncertainties
Washington, D.C.  | September 16, 2014

Yale CEO Caucus
Connecting with the Courageous in Congress: Building Bridges of Business Trust
Washington, D.C.  |  March 18, 2014


Yale CEO Caucus
Who Speaks for American Business? The Varied Voices of Enterprise in Public Policy
Washington, D.C.  |  September 17, 2013


Yale CEO Caucus
Leading Your Business around the Discontinuities of Government Leadership Changes 
Washington, D.C.  |  September 20, 2012

Yale CEO Caucus
Navigating Around Infrastructure Snarls: From Cyberspace and Energy to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Washington, D.C.  |  March 7, 2012


Yale CEO Caucus
Putting America Back to Work
Washington, D.C.  |  November 15, 2011