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Researchers and Staff


Laura Adler: Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Jim Baron: William S. Beinecke Professor of Management
Tristan Botelho: Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Alex Burnap: Assistant Professor of Marketing
Daylian Cain: Senior Lecturer in Negotiations, Leadership, and Ethics
Zoë Chance: Senior Lecturer in Management
Corey Cusimano: Assistant Professor of Marketing
Jason Dana: Associate Professor of Management and Marketing
Jennifer Dannals: Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Ravi Dhar: George Rogers Clark Professor of Management and Marketing & Director of the Yale Center for Customer Insights
Julia DiBenigno: Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Shane Frederick: Professor of Marketing
Oriane Georgeac: Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Soheil Ghili: Assistant Professor of Marketing
Ivana Katic: Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Joowon Klusowski: Assistant Professor of Marketing
Balázs Kovács: Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Michael Kraus: Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Vineet Kumar: Associate Professor of Marketing
Nathan Novemsky: Professor of Marketing
Aniko Öry: Associate Professor of Marketing
Jayanti Owens: Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Taly Reich: Associate Professor of Marketing
Jiwoong Shin: Professor of Marketing
Deborah SmallProfessor of Marketing
Kosuke UetakeAssociate Professor of Marketing
Amy Wrzesniewski: Michael H. Jordan Professor of Management
Gal Zauberman: Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Professor of Marketing

Post-Doctoral Researcher Associates

Paul Stillman: Behavioral Marketing
Gizem Ceylan: Behavioral Marketing
Nirajana Mishra: Behavioral Marketing


Mohin Banker (Behavioral Marketing)
Geoffrey Thilo Borchhardt (Organizations & Management)
Alexandra Bray (Organizations & Management)
Melody Hyejung Chang (Organizations & Management)
Eunice Han Eun (Organizations & Management)
Hortense Fong (Quantitative Marketing)
Alexander Fulmer (Behavioral Marketing)
Taylor Holdaway (Organizations & Management)
Dennis Jacobsen (Organizations & Management)
Jin Kim (Behavioral Marketing)
Doris (Do Kyung) Kwon (Organizations and Management)
Peter (Sangwoo) Lee (Quantitative Marketing)
Seung Yoon Lee (Quantitative Marketing)
Zikun Liu (Quantitative Marketing)
Hillary Parent (Behavioral Marketing)
Michael Robinson (Quantitative Marketing)
Minkyu Shin (Quantitative Marketing)
Sally (Myung Jin) Shin (Behavioral Marketing)
Ankit Sisodia (Quantitative Marketing)
Fei Teng (Quantitative Marketing)
Brittany Torrez (Organizations & Management)
Chi Ying Wang (Quantitative Marketing)
Ian Weaver (Quantitative Marketing)
Jared Jenson Wong (Behavioral Marketing)
Elizabeth (Bu Deul) Yang (Organizations & Management)
Yiftach Yarmar (Organizations & Management)
Keyan Zhu (Quantitative Marketing)


Kelsey Kanavy
Rob Bartholomew