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Roger Ibbotson

Popularity: A Bridge between Classical and Behavioral Finance

Roger Ibbotson
Yale SOM Professor in the
Practice Emeritus of Management,
Roger Ibbotson

Professor Roger Ibbotson has been working on his latest monograph about “Popularity” and it was recently published online on the CFA Institute website. The book is titled, “Popularity: A Bridge Between Classical and Behavioral Finance,” by Roger G. Ibbotson, Thomas Idzorek, Paul D. Kaplan, and James X. Xiong. 

According to Ibbotson and his co-authors, popularity is a word that embraces how much anything is liked, recognized, or desired. Popularity drives demand. In this book, they apply this concept to assets and securities to explain the premiums and so-called anomalies in security markets, especially the stock market.

Click here to access the overview and full publication which can be found on the CFA Institute website.