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Best Paper in Antitrust Economics: Killer Acquisitions

April 16, 2020
Song Ma
Professor Song Ma

Congratulations goes to Professors Song Ma, Florian Ederer and Colleen Cunningham (LBS) for winning the Robert F. Lanzillotti Prize for best paper in antitrust economics for their paper, “Killer Acquisitions.”

The authors define “Killer Acquisitions” to mean: “incumbent firms may acquire innovative targets solely to discontinue the target's innovation projects and preempt future competition” and this paper is cited often in antitrust discussions.

Their paper was part of the 18th Annual International Industrial Organization conference which represents a wide spectrum of topics in industrial organization. 

More about the Robert F. Lanzillotti Prize: Robert F. Lanzillotti is Dean Emeritus, Eminent Scholar Professor Emeritus of American Economic Institutions and Director, Public Policy Research Center, Graduate School of Business at the University of Florida.

The Robert F. Lanzillotti Prize for the best paper in antitrust economics accepted for presentation at the International Industrial Organization Conference is awarded annually. The winning paper is selected by a committee of experts from the relevant papers that are accepted for presentation at the conference.

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