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Covid restrictions

Yale SOM Finance Faculty Create Covid Restrictions Dashboard

Professors Matthew Spiegel and Heather Tookes have collaborated on a new working paper titled, “Business Restrictions and COVID Fatalities.” To accompany this paper, they have released a state and county policy look-up tool: This includes the history of state and county-level business and related Covid-19 restrictions for all counties in the U.S. since March. It contains the most comprehensive historical data on U.S. county-level policies that they are aware of.

The goal of this website is to produce a comprehensive database that researchers can use to help determine which restrictions have proven useful and which have not. Ultimately, Professors Spiegel and Tookes hope this will help policy officials make better decisions.

Visit the website to find out more about state and county orders in their respective dropdown menu. *Please note: Data are being updated on an on-going basis, as new policies are introduced. There are likely some errors and omissions, especially for restrictions implemented in the last 30 days. These are still being collected.

Below is an example of the data collected and available to view for Connecticut, New Haven County.

Financial and institutional support from the Yale School of Management has made this research endeavor possible. Web page design and management are led by Jon Ingersoll and Nate Faulkenberry.