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Stefano Giglio

Professor Stefano Giglio Wins Best Behavioral Finance Paper

Stefano GiglioCongratulations Professor Stefano Giglio for winning a 2020 Outstanding Paper Award at the Midwest Finance Association Conference held virtually in August.

Giglio’s paper, “Five Facts about Beliefs and Portfolios,” was selected as the best behavioral finance paper.

Read more about the winning paper:

Five Facts about Beliefs and Portfolios
Stefano Giglio, Yale University, NBER, CEPR; Matteo Maggiori, Harvard University, NBER, CEPR; Johannes Stroebel, New York University, NBER, CEPR; Stephen P. Utkus, Vanguard

Abstract: We administer a newly-designed survey to a large panel of retail investors who have substantial wealth invested in financial markets. The survey elicits beliefs that are crucial for macroeconomics and finance, and matches respondents with administrative data on their portfolio composition and their trading activity. We establish five facts in this data… Read more.