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ICF Finance Case Studies

The Yale School of Management International Center for Finance (ICF) provides academic and professional support for research in financial economics.  Part of the academic support that the ICF provides goes toward the development of finance case studies to be used in classes as teaching instruments.

case studyYale SOM deployed the “raw” case approach as a way to support a new approach to management education.  The SOM case research and development team (CRDT) built an alternative to the traditional case study model by using a web-based multi-media platform.  Students can learn from a variety of other sources, which can include interviews, videos, charts, and links to additional resources.

ICF Faculty Director William Goetzmann and ICF Deputy Director Geert Rouwenhorst have actively played roles in helping create new finance case studies and use them in their very own courses.  The daunting task of developing and bringing a case study to life from scratch is not always easy but with the help of the CRDT, they have been able to produce great cases on hot topics and current finance trends which helps keep Yale SOM curriculum relevant.

The ICF website features a number of finance focused case studies that the ICF has supported in some capacity over the years.  You will also see our ICF and/or finance faculty mentioned as authors for their roles in the development of various cases.

Below are the most recent finance case studies featured on our website:

nathan cummings

Ellie Campion, Dwayne Edwards, Brad Wayman, Anna Williams, William Goetzmann, and Jean Rosenthal

Nathan Cummings Foundation

Asset Management, Investor/Finance, Leadership & Teamwork, Social Enterprise, Sourcing/Managing Funds

The Nathan Cummings Foundation Investment Committee and Board of Trustees had studied the decision to go “all in” on a mission-related investment approach. The Board voted 100% to support this new direction and new goals for financial investments, but many questions remained. How could NCF operationalize and integrate this new strategy? What changes would it need to make to support the investment strategies' long-term success? How could NCF measure and track its progress and success with this new strategy?

canary wharf

William N. Goetzmann, Jean Rosenthal, and Jaan Elias

Canary Wharf: Financing and Placemaking

Asset Management, Business History, Customer/Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Design, Investor/Finance, Sourcing/Managing Funds, State & Society

The financial engineering of London's Canary Wharf was as impressive as the structural engineering. However, Brexit and the rise of fintech represented new challenges. Would financial firms leave the U.K.? Would fintech firms seek new kinds of space? How should the Canary Wharf Group respond?


William Goetzmann, Jean Rosenthal, Jaan Elias, Edoardo Pasinato, Lukas Cejnar, Ellie Campion

Fondaco dei Tedeschi: A New Luxury Shopping Destination for Venice

Business History, Competitor/Strategy, Customer/Marketing, Innovation & Design, Investor/Finance, Sourcing/Managing Funds, State & Society

The renovation of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice represented a grand experiment. Should an ancient building in the midst of a world heritage site be transformed into a modern mall for luxury goods? How best to achieve the transformation and make it economically sustainable? Would tourists walk to the mall? And would they buy or just look? What could each stakeholder learn from their experiences with the Fondaco dei Tedeschi?


Jean Rosenthal, Anna williams, Brandon colon, Robert park, William Goetzmann, Jessica Helfand

The Future of Malls: Was Decline Inevitable?

Business History, Customer/Marketing, Innovation & Design, Investor/Finance

The Cross County Shopping Center was in Yonkers, in the suburbs of New York City. Built in 1954 as one of the first open air shopping malls and renovated in 2011, the Center captured many of the challenges facing American suburban shopping centers in the 21st century. It was large, a "super-regional," with a total size of over a million square feet. The Cross County had had a successful history, but its future, along with that of other U.S. malls, was far from certain.

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