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Andrea Levere

ICF Executive Fellow, Andrea Levere, Shares Ideas for Building Equity by Investing Equity

Andrea Levere ’83, is President Emerita of Prosperity Now, a private nonprofit organization with the mission of ensuring that everyone can gain financial stability, build wealth and achieve prosperity. She is also an ICF Advisory Board member and current ICF Executive Fellow.

Andrea recently gave a virtual Becton Fellowship Lecture to the Yale community about, “Building Equity by Investing Equity: How Philanthropic Equity Can Reduce Wealth Inequality.” If you missed her talk, you can watch the entire presentation and read more about it here.

Andrea Levere
Andrea Levere giving a virtual Becton Fellowship Lecture

During her time as an ICF Executive Fellow, Andrea spent the year at Yale SOM sharing her knowledge of nonprofit organizations and worked with several students on a special project centered around identifying ways to combat wealth inequality.

Read more about Andrea’s special project, a one-day convening about “charting the next wave of equitable finance,” hosted and sponsored jointly by the Yale International Center for Finance and Yale Program on Social Enterprise, Innovation, and Impact. The convening resulted in a very special proceedings document which shares the insights from the participants at the convening with the goal of promoting understanding and action around expanding access to equitable finance.