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South Sea Bubblers Medley

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South Sea Bubblers Medley
Source: The Great Mirror of Folly (2013). The Bubblers Medley, or a Sketch of the Times Being Europes Memorial for the Year 1720 (numbered "22" in lower right corner). Published by Carington Bowles. This is one of two "Bubbler's Medley" prints produced in 1720. As the poem in the upper left corner announces, this collage highlights the three centers of speculation in 1719-20 as the contagion spread from "Quinquempoix Street," representing Paris; to the Mint Coffeehouse in London near the Royal Exchange, one of several public houses in which speculative trading took place; and thence to the Netherlands, to complete the triad of "nations...never cursed/ Before with such a madness,/ That raises joyful hopes at first,/ But terminates in sadness." Courtesy of the Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University.

For more information about the South Sea Bubble of 1720, visit the Yale ICF's South Sea Bubble Project website & Origins of Value virtual museum website.

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