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TBC Alumni Profile: Jerre Maynor, Jr.

Jerre currently serves as the Associate Director of Advancement at Jobs for the Future.  As a Broad Resident (2018-2020), Jerre served as the Director of Student Readiness and Pathways at the Tennessee Department of Education. 

"I pursued The Broad Residency because I thought it would make me a better leader; in fact, it made me a better person. My cohort-mates and the experience gave me both the personal hope and professional skills to lead for systems-level change."​

Jerre Maynor Jr.

Current Role: Associate Director of Advancement, Jobs for the Future

Broad Residency Role: Director of Student Readiness and Pathways, Tennessee Department of Education​

Previous Roles: Senior Director, Articulated Pathways, Tennessee Department of Education; Director, College Counseling, KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate 


B.A., The University of the South, French Studies

M.Ed., Harvard Graduate School of Education, Higher Education Administration