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Resources at Program on Entrepreneurship

The Yale School of Management has many classes related to entrepreneurship, most of which are open to students from all over campus. Read about the classes, some of the faculty who teach, and a few of the other resources related to entrepreneurship that you'll find at SOM.

Honest Tea Entrepreneurial Suite

Faculty & Staff

Kyle Jensen , Associate Dean and Shanna and Eric Bass '05 Director of Entrepreneurship & Senior Lecturer

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Jennifer McFadden , Associate Director of Entrepreneurship and Lecturer in the Practice of Management 

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Tristan Botelho , Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior 

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Teresa Chahine , Sheila and Ron ’92 B.A. Marcelo Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship

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Song Ma , Assistant Professor of Finance

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A.J. Wasserstein , Eugene F. Williams, Jr. Lecturer in the Practice of Management

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Patricia Resio , Assistant Director, Co-Curricular Program and Engagement


* Hannah Riad , Senior Administrative Assistant, Communications and Operations

*office located in the Honest Tea Entrepreneurship Suite - L400

Entrepreneurship Curriculum 

**MGT-646: Startup Founders Practicum, J. McFadden      
*MGT-645: Startup Founders Studies, K. Jensen      
MGT-656: Management of Software Development, K. Jensen MGT-660: Advanced Management of Software Development, K. Jensen MGT-663: The Life Science Industry, S. Knight

MGT-833: Managing Technology Disruption, T. Gage      
MGT-894: Connected Cities and Urban Ecosystems, S. Darwish      
MGT-671: Entrepreneurship through Acquisition, A.J. Wasserstein      
MGT-677: Rollups, Consolidations and Serial Acquisitions, A.J. Wasserstein      
MGT-631: Public Health Entrepreneurship & Innovation (two sections), T. Chahine      
MGT-665: Principles of Entrepreneurship (two sections), B. Kovaks      
MGT-635: Venture Capital (two sections), O. Sorensen      
MGT-652: International Entrepreneurship, R. Chang      
MGT-655: Entrepreneurship & New Ventures, T. Botelho      
MGT-657: Creating Healthcare and Life Science Ventures, C. Loose, A. Khahlid      
MGT-674: Leading Small and Medium Enterprises, A.J. Wasserstein      
MGT-897: Entrepreneurial Finance, S. Ma      
MGT-861: Scaling Up Practicum, J. Geballe      
MGT-612: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship, T. Chahine      
**Admittance to this course is by application-only. The application form for Spring 2021 will open in Fall-2 (more information forthcoming).      
*Admittance to this course is by email application to Prof. Jensen

Honest Tea Entrepreneurship Suite

The Honest Tea Entrepreneurship Suite (L400) was renovated in Summer 2017 to include flexible work spaces for student entrepreneurs. Come visit us near the Help Desk/Mail Room to learn more about the space and chat with us. One of the most common questions we get is, “can anyone come down to work in the Suite?” The space is open to anyone working on a venture or trying to help launch a startup during their time at SOM. Is the Suite a great place to get your accounting homework done? No. Is it the place to immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial culture at SOM and work on your side hustle? Absolutely. If you’re interested in getting access to the Honest Tea Entrepreneurship Suite please write to Trish and Hannah.

Yale SOM Start-Up and Entrepreneurship Club

The Mission of the Start-Up Club is to:

●  Learn: Create exciting opportunities to discover and learn about the world of startups and entrepreneurship.

●  Create: Build a thriving ecosystem of startup and entrepreneurial professional opportunities.

●  Collaborate: Foster integrated collaboration across sister clubs and broader Yale.

Join the Start-up Club and register for their newsletter to be looped into events and opportunities in Evans Hall and across campus.      

Donor-Funded Entrepreneurial Awards

The Donor-Funded Entrepreneurial Awards promotes entrepreneurial activity within the Yale SOM community and provides funding for new venture seed financing. If you are working on a startup and would like to apply for seed-funding, applications will open in late January/early February for the opportunity to win between $2500.00 - $9000.00. Read about the 2020 winners here: 

Yale SOM Entrepreneurial Fellowship

Every year, the Yale SOM Entrepreneurial Fellowship supports up to five student-entrepreneurs following graduation to work on their new ventures full-time. The amount of the award is $7500.00 per year for up to two (2) years, depending on whether the recent alumni are still actively working on the venture. If you plan to pursue your venture full-time following graduation, the Fellowship is a great opportunity for you. Read about the 2020 winners here: 

Startup Yale

Every Spring, Yale hosts a two-day affair where there are $100k worth of prizes (between four awards) up for grabs. Applications for the Startup Yale prizes open in January. Read more about Startup Yale here - 

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Yale Entrepreneurship Collaborative (YEC) Partner Centers: 

** Center for Business and the Environment at Yale (CBEY) -  The Yale Center for Business and the Environment educates and inspires interdisciplinary leaders through business solutions to systemic environmental problems.

** Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology (CBIT) -  The Yale University Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology (CBIT) is an interdisciplinary initiative to foster greater innovation in medical technology.

** Center for Collaborative Arts and Media (CCAM) -       
The Center for Collaborative Arts and Media (CCAM) at Yale University is an experiment center for visual art, computer science, music, architecture, film and video, theater and dance, and literature. A wing of Yale Arts, it does not provide curriculum, but instead focuses on guiding students and visiting artists in expanding and exploring all manner of projects.

** Dwight Hall at Yale -       
Dwight Hall at Yale is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that was founded by undergraduates in 1886 and has operated continuously since then as a student-led entity. As the Center for Public Service and Social Justice, Dwight Hall reflects a diverse Yale student body and a strong history of social justice work in New Haven and beyond.

** InnovateHealth Yale -       
Innovate Health Yale is committed to one concept: change. We are a home for those at Yale interested in creating innovative solutions to challenges in health and education.

** Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (CITY) -       
Tsai CITY is a transformative addition to the Yale campus landscape, dedicated to advancing the university's goal of creating an interdisciplinary learning environment that cultivates innovators, leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs in all fields and for all sectors of society. We aim to draw existing university resources into closer partnership with each other, to complement curricular programs, and to provide new and effective avenues for students to develop the skills crucial to an innovative mindset: design thinking, problem-framing, creative synthesis, clear communication, and refined judgment.

** WE@Yale - information found at ttps://       
Women Entrepreneurs and Innovators at Yale (WE@Yale) is a cross-campus community to support women and non-binary femme innovators and entrepreneurs providing skill-building, story-telling and community. Our goal is to help 500 women launch new ventures and projects over the next 5 years.

** Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID) -       
Since opening in 2012, the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID) has served as a hub for collaborative design and interdisciplinary activity at Yale University. Its goal is to enable the design, development, and actualization of ideas, from the whiteboard to the real world.

** Yale Landscape Lab -       
At the Yale Landscape Lab, we aim to create spaces and educational programming that push the boundaries on how the natural environment of a liberal arts university can be used for research, teaching, learning, and community engagement.

** Office of Cooperative Research -       
Yale Office of Cooperative Research (OCR) has built a significant portfolio of inventions and patents and has grown into an engine of regional economic development. Its mission is to facilitate the translation of research from Yale’s labs into products and services that benefit society.