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2020 Entrepreneurial Fellows

Every year, a panel of alumni judges, consisting of entrepreneurs, investors, or people who operate in the startup space, selects winners of the Yale School of Management Entrepreneurial Fellowship. This Fellowship supports up to five student-entrepreneurs after graduation to work on their new ventures. Here are the stories and ventures of the 2020 Yale School of Management Entrepreneurial Fellows!

Max Dworin: Onda Sparkling Tequila  

Max DworinOnda is a spirits brand for a new generation of drinkers. Our first product is a line of canned sparkling tequila beverages, made with blanco tequila and real, legit fruit. Our brand is inspired by the surf style of the ‘90s and can of Onda is 5% ABV, 100 calories, zero sugar, zero carbs and naturally gluten free. Learn more at and @drinkonda.

“Onda would not have been possible without SOM. Not only did we benefit from the incredible mentorship and guidance of Entrepreneurship Program leadership, but we also had classmates who opened doors for us and alumni who helped us make invaluable connections. It’s a real treat to be able to stay closely connected to the Yale startup ecosystem during the next chapter of this business, and I am honored to serve as a Fellow alongside friends and entrepreneurs I respect and admire.” -Max Dworin

Paul Lwin: Steady Heady 

Paul Lwin

Golf is a game with high barriers to entry. It is an endlessly frustrating game that is expensive to play, and difficult to master. The majority of golfers want to improve, but they don’t have access to affordable or effective tools to do so. Most analytics tools for golfers are expensive and require sensors that are bulky and difficult to use...Steady Heady is a platform that provides the same types of data that these bulky and expensive sensors provide, but at a price that is drastically cheaper by just using people’s cell phones. Steady Heady is a machine learning platform that uses mobile devices to record golf swings and analyze them instantaneously. Our machine learning algorithms, which are patent pending, track a person’s body parts throughout any athletic movement. The data from the analysis is then used to provide tailored information that the golfer can use to improve their swings. Our analysis allows the user to see their own swing with their mistake highlighted so they can gain insight into how they can improve. Immediate feedback will allow golfers to make adjustments and correct their swings right away. Our app is extremely easy to use, and it starts by just smiling at the camera to start recording.

 “Our main goal with Steady Heady is to make sports technology more affordable and accessible. Growing up, my parents did not have the means to send me to sports camps or to buy expensive equipment, so my access to sports was limited to what kids played in the park near our house.  We want to give everyone, especially aspiring young athletes, the same tools and data that are provided through expensive private sports instruction through their phones... Hopefully, Steady Heady will even the playing field in athletics.” -Paul Lwin

Melissa Mazzeo: Merry Go Rounds

Melissa MazzeoMerry Go Rounds is a children’s resale marketplace that makes shopping for kids more circular, sustainable, and fun. We sell curated, high-quality new and used kids' clothing, toys, books, and gifts through an online store, custom boxes, a virtual personal shopping service, and a brick-and-mortar shop in Easton, MA. Our mission is to improve the experience of shopping secondhand, change people’s perception of resale, and reduce the environmental impact of children's goods. We are a women-owned, family-owned business and are in the process of becoming a certified B Corporation.

Kinyumu Mulatya: DM Health

Kinyumu MulatyaDM Health is a searchable Software as a Service platform for health services. Born out of the founder's frustration with costs and delays in healthcare systems, DM health seeks to provide patients with a personalized discovery of healthcare providers. It prioritizes convenience at all stages of a patient journey and facilitates integrated healthcare provision under one platform. Patients benefit from the centralization of information on healthcare providers while healthcare providers access an affordable administrative tool that allows them to compete effectively with larger institutional players. 

 Daisy Rosales: Brio 

Daisy RosalesBrio enables access to quality mental health care in low-resource contexts through design and collaboration with local community organizations. Through its flagship multi-year partnership program, Brio provides a mental health design process, toolkit, consultation, evaluation and leadership support for building community-owned models of care. Since 2018, Brio has worked with local organizations in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and India, creating first-ever care and training to address addiction, trauma, burnout, social-emotional learning, and more. As of 2020, Brio's partnerships have increased access to mental health support or training for more than 2300 people.

"At the core of what we do with partner organizations is accompaniment. Beyond all the strategy, training, and measurement, we are motivated by the power of proximity, the mutuality of compassion, and processes that reflect the dignity of all people." -Daisy Rosales