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Entrepreneur and Yale College Alumna, Hallie Meyer, Opens Caffè Panna in New York City

Caffè Panna

Hallie graduated from Yale College in 2015 where she ran a catering company in collaboration with the Yale Farm. After graduation, she co-founded a meal delivery app for home-cooked meals by a community of local chefs in New York City called Umi Kitchen. In 2017, she decided to take a different kind of active role in the community as a Team Leader for Americorps City Year at an elementary school in the South Bronx. 

During her time with Americorps, she began selling Tripla Panna ice cream every Monday at a local cafe near the elementary school where she was teaching, and the ice cream built a loyal following. Hallie then spent 5 months working in kitchens and gelaterias in Rome and she is now back in New York to open Caffè Panna - an Italian inspired coffee bar and ice cream counter selling Tripla Panna ice cream. 

Caffè Panna

Caffè Panna’s grand opening last month has been met with great enthusiasm and highlighted through a variety of media networks, including Gothamist, NBC New York, and the New York Times. Featuring new flavors daily - apple sorbet, pumpkin espresso, and banana bread pudding along with a regular menu with more traditional options - Caffè Panna offers a unique experience in the ice cream industry from someone who has a passion for both the business and the product. 

Head to their website for the regular menu or their Instagram for daily specials. 

Caffè Panna is located at 77 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003.

Caffè Panna