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Startup Yale 2021 Finalists

Startup Yale, the largest annual collection of pitch competitions and events on campus, is taking place between 30 April 2021 and 1 May 2021.

Startup Yale 2021

Across the seven individual prizes at Startup Yale listed below, all focused on various themes, there is over $100,000 up for the taking:

  • Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health or Education

  • Rita Wilson Prize in Support of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health Technology 

  • Rothberg Catalyzer Prize @ Yale

  • New Haven Civic Innovation Prize

  • Miller Prize

  • Yale Innovators Prize

  • Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize

Several SOM  teams are will be pitching as finalists.  Origin Healthcare will be  competing for the Rita Wilson Prize Fund. Founded by Christine Lum Lung ‘21, Origin is an expert medical team that provides personalized, hospital level care to patients at home, and helps patients avoid the isolation, complications, and high costs of a traditional hospitalization.

For the Rothberg Catalyst Prize @ Yale, and the Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health or Education, Recore Medical (Marley Windham-Herman '21, Lina Kacyem '21 David Dupee '21) is competing. ReCore was created to address the growing need for cancer diagnosis around the world by creating reusable biopsy devices that reduce cost and increase global access to procedures that are the gateway to timely cancer treatment.

Founded by Tiffany Leong ‘21, Qi Foods will be competing for  the Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize and the Yale Innovator’s Prize.  Qi Foods aims to bring traditional East Asian superfoods to the mainstream Western market through a brand that educates consumers about these foods, its flavors, and health benefits starting with a naturally sweet beverage line made with East Asian superfoods and produced with a sustainable and transparent supply chain.

Read about all of the Startup Yale 2021 finalists here , and register to attend any or all of the events here.