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News in Systemic Risk: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 (10 a.m. ET)

Day 2: Responding to the Global Financial Crisis (Brookings)

Rescuing the Mortgage Giants (Dan Jester, Matthew Kabaker, Jeremiah Norton, Lee Sachs, Brookings)

Nonbank Financial Institutions: New Vulnerabilities and Old Tools (Scott G. Alvarez and William Dudley, Brookings)

Bank Capital, Phase 1 Recapitalizing the Banking System (Dan Jester, David Nason, Jeremiah Norton, Brookings)

Novel Lender of Last Resort Programs (Lorie Logan, William Nelson, Patrick Parkinson, Brookings)

Much More Remains To Be Done With European Bank Reforms (Forbes)

The Global Economy Is Still Feeling the Lehman Fallout 10 Years Later (Bloomberg)