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News in Systemic Risk: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 (10 a.m. ET)

Inflation Expectations in Times of COVID-19 (Olivier Armantier, Gizem Kosar, Rachel Pomerantz, Daphne Skandalis, Kyle Smith, Giorgio Topa, Wilbert van der Klaauw; Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

Macroprudential regulation and leakage to the shadow banking sector (Stefan Gebauer, Falk Mazelis; European Central Bank)

Monetary policy and its transmission in a globalised world (Michele Ca’ Zorzi, Luca Dedola, Georgios Georgiadis, Marek Jarociński, Livio Stracca, Georg Strasser; European Central Bank)

Negative rates and the transmission of monetary policy (Miguel Boucinha and Lorenzo Burlon; European Central Bank)

“The current crisis is a wake-up call” (Andrea Enria; European Central Bank)

Loan supply and bank capital: A micro-macro linkage (Thomas Kick, Swetlana Malinkovich, Christian Merkl; Deutsche Bundesbank)

Real Effects of Uncertainty: Evidence from Brexit (Anna Lipinska, Musa Orak; Federal Reserve Board of Governors)