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News in Systemic Risk: Tuesday, April 21, 2020 (10 a.m. ET)

Identifying regions at risk with Google Trends: the impact of Covid-19 on US labour markets (Sebastian Doerr and Leonardo Gambacorta; Bank for International Settlements)

Monetary Policy Uncertainty and Monetary Policy Surprises (Michiel De Pooter, Giovanni Favara, Michele Modugno, and Jason Wu; Federal Reserve Board of Governors)

How COVID-19 will change the nation’s long-term economic trends (Mark Muro, Tracy Hadden Loh, Martha Ross, Jenny Schuetz, Annelies Goger, Nicole Bateman, William H. Frey, Joseph Parilla, Sifan Liu, and Adie Tomer; Brookings Institution)

Pandemic loans to firms: Postponing the evil day? (Patrick Honohan ; Peterson Institute for International Economics)

Fed’s balance sheet increases by 50% since March (William Towning; CentralBanking)

The Design Flaw At The Heart Of The CARES Act (Kathryn Judge; Forbes)