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News in Systemic Risk: Thursday, March 26, 2020 (10 a.m. ET)

IMF and Yale provide data on virus responses (Rachael King; CentralBanking)

The banking crisis in Iceland (Patrizia Baudino, Jon Thor Sturluson, Jean-Philippe Svoronos; Bank for International Settlements)

The coronavirus crisis is no 2008 (Jon Danielsson, Robert Macrae, Dimitri Vayanos, Jean-Pierre Zigrand; VoxEU)

BOK Working Paper No.2020-8, Network-Based Measures of Systemic Risk in Korea (Jaewon Choi, Jieun Lee; Bank of Korea)

Where is the US government getting all the money it’s spending in the coronavirus crisis? (Louise Sheiner, David Wessel; Brookings Institution)

Fault lines in fiscal-monetary policy coordination (Lucrezia Reichlin, Dirk Schoenmaker; VoxEU)

Securing macroeconomic and monetary stability with a Federal Reserve–backed digital currency (Julia Coronado, Simon Potter; Peterson Institute for International Economics)