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News in Systemic Risk: Monday, May 11 2020 (10 a.m. ET)

Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises: Small businesses report challenging outlook for their access to external financing due to COVID-19 (European Central Bank)

The CCP-bank nexus in the time of Covid-19 (Wenqian Huang, Előd Takáts; Bank of International Settlements)

An ECB digital currency – a flight of fancy? (Yves Mersch; European Central Bank)

Global and domestic financial cycles: variations on a theme (Iñaki Aldasoro, Stefan Avdjiev, Claudio Borio, Piti Disyatat; Bank of International Settlements)

COVID-19 and the transmission of shocks through domestic supply chains (Fergal McCann, Samantha Myers; Central Bank of Ireland)

The Initial Labour Market Impact of COVID-19 (Stephen Byrne, Dermot Coates, Enda Keenan,Tara McIndoe-Calder ; Central Bank of Ireland)

The case for permanent stimulus (Paul Krugman; VoxEU)

How the Economy Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic (Joseph E. Stiglitz, Robert J. Shiller, Gita Gopinath, Carmen M. Reinhart, Adam S. Posen, Eswar Prasad, Adam Tooze, Laura D’andrea Tyson, Kishore Mahbubani; Foreign Policy)

Despite Recent Bets, Fed Isn’t Likely to Consider Negative Interest Rates (Nick Timiraos; Wall Street Journal)

Fed set to adopt ‘elements’ of price-level targeting (William Towning; Central Banking)