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News in Systemic Risk: Monday, March 16, 2020 (10 a.m. ET)

Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement (Federal Reserve Board of Governors)

Policy Steps to Address the Corona Crisis (International Monetary Fund)

The Fed and Friends: What Central Banks Did in Past 24 Hours (Simon Kennedy; Bloomberg)

Systemic Risk Modeling: How Theory Can Meet Statistics (Raphael A Espinoza, Miguel A. Segoviano, Ji Yan; International Monetary Fund)

Intermediation in the Interbank Lending Market (Ben Craig, Yiming Ma; Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)

Debt and financial crises: Will history repeat itself? (M. Ayhan Kose, Peter Nagle, Franziska Ohnsorge, Naotaka Sugawara; VoxEU)

Biggest U.S. Banks Halt Buybacks to Free Up Capital for Coronavirus (David Benoit; Wall Street Journal)