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News in Systemic Risk: Monday, January 27, 2020 (10 a.m. ET)

Threatening central bank independence one tweet at a time (Francesco Bianchi, Thilo Kind, Howard Kun; VoxEU)

Fed Officials Weigh New Recession-Fighting Tool: Capping Treasury Yields (Nick Timiraos; Wall Street Journal)

Seven Ages of India’s Monetary Policy (Shri Shaktikanta Das; Reserve Bank of India)

Tracking long-run growth in the euro area with an atheoretical tool: The role of real, financial, monetary, and institutional factors (Mariarosaria Comunale, Francesco Paolo Mongelli ; VoxEU)

Central bank policy sets the lower bound on bond yields (Joseph Gagnon, Olivier Jeanne; Peterson Institute for International Economics)

Inside the 2020 FOMC (William Towning; CentralBanking)