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News in Systemic Risk: Friday, May 8 2020 (10 a.m. ET)

The Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility (Marco Cipriani, Gabriele La Spada, Reed Orchinik, and Aaron Plesset; Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

The monetary policy response to the pandemic emergency (Phillip R. Lane; European Central Bank)

The COVID-19 Crisis and the Monetary Policy Response (Gabriel Makhlouf; Central Bank of Ireland)

On the instability of banking and other financial intermediation (Chao Gu, Cyril Monnet, Ed Nosal, Randall Wright; Bank for International Settlements)

Effects of Covid-19 on the banking sector: the market's assessment (Iñaki Aldasoro, Ingo Fender, Bryan Hardy, Nikola Tarashev; Bank of International Settlements)

Monetary Policy, Self-Fulfilling Expectations and the U.S. Business Cycle (Giovanni Nicolò; Federal Reserve Board of Governors)

Oceans Apart? China And Other Systemically Important Economies (Hongyi Chen, Pierre Siklos; Hong Kong Institute for Monetary and Financial Research)

Is Central Bank Currency Fundamental to the Monetary System? (Hanna Armelius, Carl Andreas Claussen, Scott Hendry; Bank of Canada)

Don’t do it again! The Swedish experience with negative central bank rates in 2015-2019 (Fredrik N G Andersson, Lars Jonung; VoxEU)

Fed Officials See Economy Avoiding Worst-Case Outcome Amid Crisis (Michael S. Derby; Wall Street Journal)