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News in Systemic Risk: Friday, June 22, 2018 (10 a.m. ET)

Are Higher Capital Requirements Worth It? (Pablo D’Erasmo; Philadelphia Fed)

EU Financial Services Policy since 2007: Crisis, Responses, and Prospects (Nicolas Véron; PIIE)

Federal Reserve Board releases results of supervisory bank stress tests (Federal Reserve)

New Economy, New Finance, New Bank - speech by Mark Carney (Bank of England)

Banks’ internal capital markets: how do banks allocate capital internally? (Rasna Bajaj, Andrew Binmore, Rupak Dasgupta, Quynh-Anh Vo; Bank of England)

Progress in adopting the "Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting" (BIS)

Big Banks Clear Fed’s Stress Tests (WSJ)

Largest banks clear U.S. Fed's toughest annual stress tests (Reuters)

What Stress? It's Good to Be a Bank (New York Times)

Carney's Crisis Powers Beefed Up to Give BOE $1 Trillion Arsenal (Bloomberg)

China Moves to Quell Systemic Bond Risks After Default Wave (Bloomberg)

EU lawmakers face opposition to softening bank rules on bad loans (Reuters)

Bank regulation has gone too far, ECB supervisor argues (Reuters)

Bank of England warns on UK exposure to China’s credit boom (FT)

U.K. Treasury, BOE Leaders Argue for Financial Services Agreement With EU (WSJ)

Hammond and Carney close ranks over financial services post-Brexit (FT)

Malaysia picks new central bank chief, she puts focus on stability (Reuters)

Eurozone creditors reach ‘historic’ deal on Greek debt relief (FT)

Greece's Creditors Agree to Landmark Debt Deal as Bailout Saga Ends (Bloomberg)

Eurozone Agrees on Final Details of Plan to End Greece’s Bailout (WSJ)