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News in Systemic Risk: Friday, August 9, 2019 (10 a.m. ET)

Creating a Euro Area Safe Asset without Mutualizing Risk (Much) (Alvaro Leandro, Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Peterson Institute for International Economics)

(Un)conventional policy and the effective lower bound (Fiorella De Fiore, Oreste Tristani, Bank of International Settlements)

Financial Stability Through the Lens of Business (Michele Bullock, Reserve Bank of Australia)

Central banks and reputation risk (Jon Danielsson, VoxEU)

Does the reliance of principal trading firms on banks pose a risk to UK financial stability? (Bank of England)

Partially Censored Posterior for robust and efficient risk evaluation (Borowska et al, Norges Bank)

CECL and the Credit Cycle (Bert Loudis, Ben Ranish, Federal Reserve Board)

A Dynamic Theory of Collateral Quality and Long-Term Interventions (Michael Junho Lee, Daniel Neuhann, Federal Reserve Bank of New York)