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TBC Alumni Profile: Paulina Flores

Paulina currently serves as the Director of Student Outreach and Enrollment at Citizens of the World Public Charter Schools Los Angeles. She is an alumna of The Broad Residency (2015-2017).

“Like many immigrants, my parents believed that the path to a better future lay in education. This belief is the driving force in my desire to create more equitable and systemic educational opportunities for students in historically underserved communities.”

Paulina Flores

Current Role: Director of Student Outreach and Enrollment, Citizens of the World Charter Schools Los Angeles

Broad Residency Role: Associate Director of Operations, KIPP LA Schools

Previous Roles: Deputy Director, Alumni and Network Team, The Broad Center (LA) 


B.A., Wesleyan University, Government and Latin American Studies

M.B.A., Mills College, Non-Profit Management