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TBC Alumni Profile: Neil Dwyer

As a Broad Resident (2017-2019), Neil Dwyer was a senior manager of school support at Camden City School District.

“Being a Broad Resident provided me with distinct experiences you cannot find in any other program. From gaining lifelong friendships, to accelerating my ability - in real time - to navigate and influence my K-12 ecosystem, to gaining a holistic perspective on our country's past and present education systems, my TBC experience continues to foster my development to this day.”

Neil Dwyer

Current Role: Senior Director of School Support, Camden City School District

Broad Residency Role: Senior Manager of School Support, Camden City School District

Previous Roles: Assistant Principal of Operations, Mastery Charter Schools; Chief of Staff, Scholar Academies; Director of Operations, KIPP Philadelphia Schools 


B.A., University of Missouri, Communications

M.Ed., University of Pennsylvania, Elementary Education