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For Yale Graduate and Professional Students

Key Application Dates

Application Information

The Meng Fund and MIINT are sharing a joint application, which should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Select applicants will be invited to participate in brief interviews with Deal Team Leads, Management Team Members, and MIINT Leads (if applicable).

Deal Team Member Information

We are excited to launch our first full year of fund operations! In the coming weeks, we will open the application for Yale graduate students to join the Meng Fund as Deal Team Members, who will receive training through a tailored curriculum and cultivate practical skills by developing investment theses, sourcing ventures, conducting due diligence, and presenting to the investment committee.

This year, our four sectors are healthcare, climate, financial inclusion, and education & workforce development. See below for a description from our Deal Team Leads on expectations and what they are looking for in team members:

  • Healthcare: The Meng Impact Investment Fund’s Healthcare team aims to identify and support great companies innovating to address some of the most pressing healthcare challenges today. To support our work, we are looking for motivated students across Yale graduate schools from a variety of business and healthcare backgrounds that can provide a unique perspective on the role of early-stage startups for improving healthcare in line with our impact investment thesis. Prior skills in finance and investing are a plus, but not required. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in this opportunity to apply. Deal Team Leads: Mary Jeanne Chappell ( and Matthew Kaspy (
  • Climate: The Meng Investment Fund’s Climate deal team leverages the university's expertise across diverse fields to invest in early-stage startups tackling climate change. We provide funding and support to companies in four key areas: reinventing the built environment, developing climate-focused biotech and health solutions, advancing natural land-based climate solutions, and accelerating renewable energy finance. Our multidisciplinary team of investors, entrepreneurs, and Yale alumni draws on the university’s strengths in science, engineering, business, and policy to identify and guide high-potential companies driving positive climate impact. If you are passionate about investing in game-changing climate technologies, we invite you to apply to join our climate deal team. Deal Team Lead: Stefan Oliva (
  • Financial Inclusion: The Financial Inclusion Deal Team invests in services which expand access to financial tools and increased capital for underserved populations, such as credit scores, savings accounts, microloans, and payments. People left outside the “walled garden” of traditional financial services are often at the mercy of unscrupulous, risky, and more expensive means such as loan sharks. Increasing access to core financial services helps people withstand financial shocks and increase their expenditures on health, nutrition, and education. If this cause resonates with you, we would love to meet you and discuss how we can create a positive impact in the world of financial services together. Deal Team Leads: Eunjee Koh ( and Shashank Ghiria (
  • Education & Workforce Development: The Education and Workforce Development investment team is excited to onboard a new class of Deal Team Members to support the full investment lifecycle. It is a really exciting time to invest in education given the challenges in education following the COVID pandemic and a whole suite of new tools and technologies to address the needs of students, teachers, and administrators. We encourage anyone with an interest in impact investing to apply, particularly those with a background working in education, re-skilling, or workforce training. This will be an incredible opportunity for practical investment experience learning about startups and the venture capital process within the education and workforce sectors, and how to affect lasting and positive change through targeted investments in those areas. Deal Team Leads: Chengming Li ( and Henry Muggia (

At the Meng Impact Investment Fund, we pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive investing community. We come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds and are united by a common desire to use impact investing as a tool for meaningful change.

For Founders

Are you a founder seeking funding for your startup? We would love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and someone from our team will reach out to you.

For Members of the Impact Investing Community

We are thrilled to expand our community and build a deeply connected impact investing ecosystem. Whether you are interested in investing in the Meng Fund, partnering with our portfolio companies, getting involved in experiential learning programs, or just want to talk about impact investing, we’re excited to hear from you. Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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