Partner Programs

All partner programs are taught at Yale, except where noted. Yale faculty teach the programs and participants receive a Yale Certificate upon program completion. All partner programs count towards earning a Certificate of Excellence in Global Business from the Global Network Schools of Advanced Management.

July 23 – 28, 2017

In this one-week program, design professionals build their business acumen to become better-rounded business leaders. Participants learn to apply design thinking in business, use strategic thinking to tackle opportunities, drive innovation for growth, and make high-impact marketing decisions based on behavioral economics insights. They develop soft skills to better influence, persuade, and negotiate with colleagues and clients. In addition, they acquire practical knowledge about intellectual property law, principles of entrepreneurship relevant to large organizations to start-ups, and basic managerial accounting to understand the language of finance. AIGA and Yale Executive Education have partnered since 2008 on the Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders program and graduates have come from some of the most highly regarded firms in the industry, such as Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, and MTV. The result: a distinctive Executive Education program that brings together the brightest minds in the industry with the unparalleled resources and expertise of Yale University. Participants leave with connection to this powerful network and the opportunity to return for a BPCL reunion event, Alumni Perspectives. The program is taught on campus at Yale SOM. A certificate is awarded to participants upon program completion. 

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AIGA: ALUMNI Perspectives: A Reunion EVENT
April 30 – May 2, 2017

The two-day Alumni Perspectives Reunion Event is for Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders (BPCL) alumni only, which includes participants who attended the program over almost a decade. Alumni will reconnect with multiple BPCL cohorts to deepen and expand their Yale network connections. They will also update their business and design leadership perspectives in a short, but intensive, program that introduces alumni to new content not in previous programs. Participants will focus on hot business topics especially relevant to the design community and based on thought leading research representing the best of Yale. In this inaugural reunion, alumni will be introduced to topics such as the “The Business of Design,” taught by faculty who joins SOM from the Yale School of Art, “Social Network Interventions,” taught by faculty who joins SOM from the Yale Center for Network Science, and build analytical insights via a behavioral economics lens in “Big Data: Evidence Based Management,” taught by an expert from the Yale Center on Consumer Insights, within SOM. Finally, participants will have unique experiential learning in “Communicating with Power: Building Executive Presence” during a workshop taught by Yale Drama School faculty. The program is taught on campus at Yale SOM. A certificate is awarded to participants upon program completion. 

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July 23 – 26, 2017

The three-day Yale Inclusive Leadership Program helps participants gain practical insights on leading inclusive organizations to earn the diversity dividends that come with well-managed teams. Participants learn the keys to sparking innovation by leveraging diverse perspectives in teams. They also, improve their complex interpersonal skills to handle difficult conversations, give and receive feedback, develop emotional intelligence, and understand unconscious bias. In addition, participants will learn strategies to have people become their firm’s competitive advantage, aligning them with their firm’s mission, and leading them successfully though organizational change. The curriculum is crafted to assure participants better understand the business case for diversity and learn how to use practical approaches to get immediate results in their own organizations. Partnering with the Vail Centre, both men and women participants have the opportunity to take a Yale diversity program in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, in the resort town of Vail. Yale SOM awards a certificate upon program completion.

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sustainability program with vail centre
October 18 – 20, 2017

This three-day program is for professionals from all sectors of society: corporations, investors, government, non-profit and academia. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of both the ‘big picture’ as well as leading tools for translating sustainability mega-trends to on-the-ground actions and initiatives. They will explore the mega-trends in sustainability that are creating challenges and opportunities for business, investors, and communities. Increasingly, these challenges require innovation in technology, policy and collaboration. The program leads participants through a multidisciplinary exploration of sustainability from best practices in business management to the emerging state of global and national policy. They will learn to use sustainability as a driver to better performance and as a tool for greater collaboration with stakeholders. The program is taught in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, in the resort town of Vail. Yale SOM awards a certificate upon program completion.

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April 17 (followed by participation in Yale Women’s Leadership Program, April 18 – 20, 2017) 
October 2 (followed by participation in Yale Women’s Leadership Program, October 3 – 5, 2017)

The Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program (VWEEP) is an intensive conversational exchange program with seasoned women corporate, non-profit and government practitioners from African nations. It is designed for women executives who work in or work with a wide range of African corporate, government, or non-profit institutions. The program provides a platform upon which women executives discuss topics especially relevant to African organizations to help them develop insights on best practices. It also provides participants with a valuable network of women with whom they will keep in touch to continue their development post program. The mission of the program is to transform women into outstanding leaders who can contribute more broadly to their organization's ongoing success. The one-day exchange precedes the Yale Women’s Leadership Program in which all VWEEP participants attend to meet their global counterparts and learn critical senior leadership skills. At the end of the Women’s Leadership Program, all VWEEP participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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