The PhD degree in Marketing is a research degree that is focused on developing cutting-edge skills that are needed to do research on the frontiers of marketing. The marketing faculty at Yale enjoys an international reputation for their research in building marketing models that enhance the understanding of consumer preference measurement, marketing, and competitive strategy, including strategy on the internet, the diffusion of new products, consumer behavior, and the psychological underpinnings driving consumer behavior.

Prof. Ravi Dhar Prof. Ravi Dhar Considerable latitude exists in the program. Some students concentrate on mathematical modeling, and the selection of strategy and its impact on firm behavior. Others use behavioral science to explain customer choices. Each student is asked to achieve depth in one of these areas, since the faculty feels that this is a prerequisite for doing innovative research. However, a marketing scholar must ultimately be able to interact with a diverse group of colleagues regarding multifaceted problems. For this reason, the faculty encourages students to gain basic skills in the behavioral sciences as well as in mathematical/statistical analysis.

Students work closely with faculty members to develop, conduct, and report significant research. A marketing student's program of study usually includes all doctoral seminars taught by the marketing faculty, some doctoral seminars taught by other Yale School of Management faculty, and a considerable number of graduate-level courses in related departments outside the school, including Economics, Psychology, Political Science, and Law.

Sample of course work during the first two years of the program in the Behavioral and Quantitative areas:

  • Microeconomic Analysis I
  • Econometrics I
  • Econometrics II
  • Game Theory I
  • Game Theory II
  • Industrial Organization I
  • Industrial Organization II
  • Doctoral Seminar in Marketing I
  • Doctoral Seminar in Marketing II
  • Behavioral Decision Making
  • Social Psychology I
  • Social Psychology II
  • Quantitative Methods I
  • Quantitative Methods II
  • Research Methods in Psychology I
  • Research Methods in Psychology II
  • Experimental Design and Analysis
  • Doctoral Seminar in Marketing I
  • Doctoral Seminar in Marketing II
  • Behavioral Decision Making

Students are also expected to attend the following seminar series:

  1. Marketing Workshop (where Marketing scholars from the U.S. and abroad present their research).
  2. PhD Student Research Workshop (where Marketing PhD students in residence discuss their research).
  • In addition, students are strongly encouraged to attend selected seminars in other departments at Yale such as the Psychology department, the Economics department, and the Law School.