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At Home in Edward P. Evans Hall

At Home in Edward P. Evans Hall
One year after the opening of Edward P. Evans Hall, the Yale SOM community has settled in and the building feels like home.


May 21, 2015

Standardization. Harmonization. Coordination. They all sound like good ideas. But in a lecture at Yale SOM, Roberta Romano, the Sterling Professor of Law at Yale Law School, argued that the convergence of banking regulations brought about by the Basel Accords may have had the unintended effect of fueling the financial crisis.

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May 20, 2015

Choosing a mate is a calculation that the benefits of further search are outweighed by the costs, says Paul Oyer ’89.


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May 19, 2015

Robert Shiller proposes government spending that inspires a vision of a better future.

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May 6, 2015

The April 2013 collapse of Rana Plaza, the worst in a string of deadly building collapses and fires that killed more than 1,100 garment factory workers in Bangladesh, prompted efforts to make factories safer and to protect worker rights. While the industry poses risks to workers and much improvement is still needed, a new study finds that garment factory work reshapes the lives of women in Bangladesh in positive ways.

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May 4, 2015

The forces that global companies have to deal with—from social networking to social unrest—have developed rapidly over the last decade. Virgin Group chair Peter Norris describes the trajectory of globalization today and how his company is structured to ride through the turbulence.

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Anita Jivani '15

SOM does a great job of tying it all together. We explore the interplay of the private sector and the public sector and the importance of multiple perspectives. I’ve learned how to connect the dots in a way that I didn’t know how to before. When I walk away from SOM, I’ll be able to critically analyze an issue from a multi-stakeholder perspective, and I think that’s something that’s really unique to this school and to the integrated curriculum.

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