Job Market Candidates

Yale School of Management PhD students on the job market in 2016-2017

Valentina Assenova

Dissertation Committee: Olav Sorenson (Chair), James Baron, Marissa King, Balazs Kovacs
Research Interests: Organization and management theory, emerging markets and entrepreneurship, quantitative methods
Job Market Paper Title:Multiplexity as a Conduit and Sieve of Information in Embedded Markets "
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Steven Malliaris

Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Barberis (Chair), Hongjun Yan, Jonathan Ingersoll, James Choi
Research Interests: Asset pricing, delegated management, bounded rationality, reputation
Job Market Paper Title: "Competition and Career Concerns"
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Navid Mojir

Dissertation Committee: K. Sudhir (Chair), Vineet Kumar, Kosuke Uetake, Mitsuru Itami
Research Interests: Empirical Industrial Organization, Dynamic Structural Modeling, Organizational Buying, Innovation Adoption and Pricing in B2B (Health Care) Markets, Advertising Effects in B2B Markets, Consumer Search in Online and Offline Markets
Job Market Paper Title: "A Structural Model of Organizational Buying with Share of Wallet Pricing Contracts”
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Accepted Position at Harvard Business School

Andrew Sinclair

Dissertation Committee: Zhiwu Chen (Chair), William Goetzmann, Matthew Spiegel, Andrew Metrick
Research Interests: Hedge Funds, Intermediation, and Securitization, Financial History
Job Market Paper Title: "The Allocative Role of Hedge Fund Prime Brokers”
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Rosanna K. Smith

Dissertation Committee: George Newman (Chair), Ravi Dhar, Taly Reich, Amy Wrzesniewski
Research Interests: Creativity, Authenticity, Value Construction, Branding, Preference Formation
Job Market Paper Title: “Closer to the Creator: Temporal Contagion Explains the Preference for Earlier Serial Numbers”
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Robert Stoumbos

Dissertation Committee: Jake Thomas (chair), Shyam Sunder, Frank Zhang, and Marina Niessner
Research Interests: Accounting Regulation, Use of Fundamentals for Valuation, Capital Market and Real Effects of Disclosure
Job Market Paper Title: “How Does Quarterly Reporting Reduce Information Asymmetry?"
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