Jiwoong Shin

Professor of Marketing

Professor Jiwoong Shin

Professor Shin's research focuses on analytical modeling of strategic interactions between firms and consumers; in particular, consumer search theory, advertising, pricing strategies, and CRM. His current work in communication strategy investigates (i) the role of vague messages and offers novel explanations why and how those vague messages can convey price and quality information to consumers and (ii) the relative roles of consumer search and firm advertising in signaling product quality. 

Also, his work in customer management strategy addresses a long standing puzzle in practice: Should a firm offer a lower price to its own customers or to competitors' customers? When is it profitable to reward one's own customers? Professor Shin's research appears in the Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, Marketing Science, and other publications.

For two years in a row (2010 and 2011), Professor Shin has been the recipient of the John D. C. Little Best Paper Award, awarded for the best marketing paper published in Marketing Science and Management Science. 


  • PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MS, Seoul National University
  • BS, Seoul National University


International Experience: South Korea
MGT 416
Listening to the Customer
MGT 851
Strategic Market Measurement
MGT 852
Introduction to Marketing
MGT 505


Selected Articles

J. Shin and R. Ridlon
Marketing Science
J. Shin, B. Mittendorf and D. Yoon
Quantitative Marketing and Economics
J. Shin, K. Sudhir and D. Yoon
Management Science
J. Shin and D. Mayzlin
Marketing Science

Selected Working Papers

J. Shin, D. Mayzlin & A. Campbell
Information Disclosure and Ratcheting in Dynamic Setting
J. Shin, B. Mittendorf & D. Yoon
Consumer Search and Money-Burning
J. Shin