William N. Goetzmann

Edwin J. Beinecke Professor of Finance and Management Studies & Director of the International Center for Finance

Professor Goetzmann is an expert on a diverse range of investments, including stocks, hedge funds, real estate and art. His research also includes the history of finance in China, the origins of corporations and the history of stock market bubbles. Professor Goetzmann's work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Business Week, the Economist, Forbes, and Art and Auction. Professor Goetzmann has co-authored a number of books, including a bestselling book on Investment Management and a history of financial innovation book entitled The Origins of Value: The Financial Innovations that Created Modern Capital Markets, and is the author of a forthcoming book on the history of finance, entitled Money Changes Everything. He has taught investment management, real estate, and portfolio management at the Yale School of Management for more than 20 years.

Community Profile

“When it works well, the classroom becomes a forum for discussion not just about the cases, but the bigger social, ethical, and analytical issues at stake.”


  • PhD, Yale University, 1991
  • MA MPhil , Yale University, 1989
  • MPPM , Yale University, 1986
  • BA, Yale College, 1978


Portfolio Management: Alternatives
MGT 807
World Financial History
MGT 649
Portfolio Management in Practice
MGT 845
Independent Reading & Research
MGT 690


Selected Books

W.N. Goetzmann, C Labio, K.G. Rouwenhorst and T. Young
Yale Press
E. J. Elton, M. J. Gruber, S. J. Brown and W. N. Goetzmann
John Wiley & Sons
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University of Oklahoma Press
W. N. Goetzmann and K.G. Rouwenhorst
Oxford University Press, USA
W. N. Goetzmann and R. G. Ibbotson
Oxford University Press, USA

Selected Articles

W. N. Goetzmann, D. W. Blackburn, and A. D. Ukhov
Quantitative Finance
R. G. Frehen, W. N. Goetzmann and K.G. Rouwenhorst
Journal of Financial Economics
W. N. Goetzmann, SA Ravid and R Sverdlove
Journal of Cultural Economics
W. N. Goetzmann, S. Brown, B. Liang, B. Schwarz, and C. Schwarz
K. J. Cremers, D. Bongaerts, and W. N. Goetzmann

Selected Working Papers

W. N. Goetzmann , D. Kim, A. Kumar and Q. Wang
September 2013
A. Ang, A. Ayala and W. N. Goetzmann
August 2013
W.N. Goetzmann, C. Cao, Y. Chen, and B. Liang
W.N. Goetzmann, A. Watanabe, and M. Watanabe
William Goetzmann, Simon Huang


Western Finance Association
Past President
European Finance Association