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Elevate your leadership abilities and thrive in the most challenging roles.

Across sectors, the world needs broad-minded leaders with extended lines of sight to seize opportunities and lead change in times of escalating complexity. Our program combines the rigor of our integrated core curriculum and leadership development program with advanced study in a chosen area at the nexus of business and society: asset management, healthcare, or sustainability.



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Community Profiles

Alumni Profile
Sostena Romano
Executive Director, HealthRight
Sostena Romano ’07, the executive director of global health nonprofit HealthRight, says that organizations that mean to do good need more than good intentions: they must be efficient and effective
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Student Profile
Al Kurose
President and CEO, Coastal Medical
I negotiate contracts with insurance companies. The things that I learned in Game Theory and Negotiations classes at Yale I was literally using the next week.
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Faculty Profile
Peter K. Schott
Professor of Economics
I show a lot of data in class. I might put up a scatter plot and ask students for the story that it tells.
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