Admissions Ambassadors

Yale SOM's Admissions Ambassadors serve as contacts for their clubs and share their insights with prospective students.

They are not part of the admissions committee and are therefore not able to answer any admissions-related questions. Our students are very busy with classes and other activities, so please be mindful of their time. We ask that you keep your questions to a reasonable number and not ask questions that are already answered in the FAQ section or on the Community Blog.



Arts and Culture
Frances Symes
Tahira Rehmatullah
Black Business Alliance Myles Bradley
Business and Politics
Tony Lynn
Sam Silverlieb
Business and the Environment Jean Goldwyn
Christian Fellowship
Yumi Adachi
Alison Moomey

Tony Lynn
Yanely Reyes
John Brooks

Frances Symes
Myles Bradley
Yi Zhou
Avik Basu
Design and Innovation Dennis Tseng
Economic Development Kevin Sherman
Education Katie Berlent
Energy Paull Randt
Fernando Herrero Sin
Entrepreneurship Michael Chen
Family Business  Lokesh Todi
Finance Hussain Al-Shibib
Matt Baron
Food and Wine Michael Malmberg
Global Social Enterprise Katie Cheng
Mila Singh
Greater China Allen Liang
Healthcare and Life Sciences Nikhil Bumb
Giselle Crosa
Hockey Sam Sturm
Human Capital Taylor Goodman
International Zoey Yi
Investment Management Rob King
Japan Junichi Kato
Yumi Adachi
Jewish Students Association Ariel Levin
Sam Silverlieb
Joint Degree: Architecture Brian Hong
Joint Degree: Divinity Brett Simmons
Joint Degree: Forestry and Environmental Studies Chris Magalhaes
Michael Puckett
Fernando Herrero Sin
Joint Degree: Global Affairs Theresa Wilson
Joint Degree: Law Fiona Heckscher
Daniel Weisfield
Joint Degree: Medicine Bingnan Zhang
Neel Butala
Joint Degree: Public Health Giselle Crosa
Korea T.J.Chun
Latino Leadership Association Fernando Herrero Sin
Ricardo De Rojas
Peter Gardner
Jeff Rothbard
Media and Entertainment Sara Zuckert
Net Impact
Rachel Dickens
Sarah Smith
Nonprofit Board Fellows Will Araujo
Operations and General Management Nike Oyerinde
Outreach Nonprofit Consulting Frances Symes
Grace Dingledine
Celinda Smith
Private Equity and Venture Capital Tom Melton
Public Speaking Leo Chan
Lei Cheng
Q+ Gay Straight Alliance Charles Felix
Real Estate Brian Hong
Tahira Rehmatullah
Retail Sarah Greenwalt
Eleanore Quartel
Sales and Trading Yvon Zhu
Silver Scholars Dan Kent
Shin Liu
Justine Chan
Ski and Snowboard Deborah Abelon
Social Impact Lab Nate Wong
SOM Crew A.J. DeCristino
Joe Nagle
Billy Shaw
SOM United Soccer Gerardo Sepulveda
Michael Puckett
Sports Club Tom Trudeau
Technology Peter Laird
Ada Wan
Veterans Matt Trevino
Kalen Smith
Women In Management Maggie Ferrenz