Admissions Ambassadors

Yale SOM's Admissions Ambassadors serve as contacts for their clubs, interest groups, and programs, and share their insights with prospective students.

They are not part of the admissions committee and are therefore not able to answer any admissions-related questions. Our students are very busy with classes and other activities, so please be mindful of their time. We ask that you keep your questions to a reasonable number and not ask questions that are already answered in the FAQ section or on the MBA Blog.

Black Business Alliance

Admission Ambassadors: Neil Samen, Mario Antwine

Christian Fellowship

Admission Ambassador: Xulin Guo


Admission Ambassadors: Cliff Emmanuel, Robert Wu

Consulting Club

Admission Ambassadors: Susan Zhou, Alex Apostolopoulos

Design & Innovation Club

Admission Ambassadors: Rebecca Blum, Eric Rucker

Education Club

Admission Ambassador: Kesson Anderson

Energy Club

Admission Ambassador: Thomas Selby

Entrepreneurship Club

Admission Ambassador: Michelle Ding

Finance Club

Admission Ambassadors: Julie Andress, Eugene Wong

Food and Wine Club

Admission Ambassador: Lauren Cohen

Greater China Club

Admission Ambassadors: Hongru Zhang, Pei Wang, Yubo Si, Lina Zhao

Healthcare and Life Sciences Club

Admission Ambassador: Anurati Tandon

Hockey Cub

Admission Ambassador: Jamie Martz

Human Capital

Admission Ambassadors: Taylor Goodman

Investment Management Club

Admission Ambassadors: David Fine

Japan Club

Admission Ambassadors: Yutaka Tsuboi, Toru Ishibashi, Sonoka Imada

Jewish Students Association

Admission Ambassadors: Eitan Hochster, Rachel Cooper

Latino Leadership Association

Admission Ambassadors: Andres Alarcon, Emmanuel Dutoit, Frederico Meira, Renzo Mendoza Castro, Pablo Montes Iannini, Sebastian Barona

Marketing Club

Admission Ambassador: Vivi Vasudevan

Media and Entertainment Club

Admission Ambassadors Vivi Vasudevan

Net Impact

Admission Ambassador: John Withall, Mary Pat Wixted

Nonprofit Board Fellows

Admission Ambassadors: Jessica Silliman, Andrew Warner

Operations & General Management 

Admission Ambassadors: Pratima Neti

Out of Office (LGBT affinity network)

Admission Ambassadors: Gordon SchoenfeldJeremiah PetersonAndres Alarcon

Outreach Nonprofit Consulting

Admission Ambassadors: Benjamin Freedman

Partners Club

Admission Ambassadors: Meghan Whitehouse, Christina Warner

Private Equity & Venture Capital Club

Admission Ambassador: Vivek Ladsariya

Real Estate Club

Admission Ambassadors: Carl Cornilsen, Francis Lively, Brian Shiau

Retail Club

Admission Ambassador: Sonia Chandra

Silver Scholars

Admission Ambassador: Dan Kent

Ski & Snowboard Club

Admission Ambassador: Jamie Martz

Social Impact Lab (Social Enterprise Speaker Series)

Admission Ambassador: Joyce Lin

SOM Crew

Admission Ambassadors: Mary Wixted, Tobias Noesekabel, Rogelio Escalona

South Asian Business Forum 

Admission Ambassadors: Sonia Chandra, Rohit Nayak

Technology Club

Admission Ambassadors: Tugce Erten, Tuan Ha

Veterans Club

Admission Ambassador: Joshua Wilson, Samuel Booth, Andrew Warner

Women In Management

Admission Ambassador: Neha Anand0