Henry B. Hansmann

Oscar M. Ruebhausen Professor of Law

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Professor Hansmann is an expert in corporate law, the economics of law, and alternative forms of enterprise ownership.


  • PhD, Yale University, 1978
  • JD, Yale University, 1974
  • BA, Brown University, 1967

Selected Articles

The Evolution of Shareholder Voting Rights: Separation of Ownership and Consumption

H. Hansmann and M. Pargendler
Yale Law Journal

Legal Entities as Transferable Bundles of Contracts

H. Hansmann and K. Ayotte
Michigan Law Review

Regulatory Dualism as a Development Strategy: Corporate Reform in Brazil, the United States, and the European Union

H. Hansmann, R. Gilson, and M. Pargendler
Stanford Law Review

Law and the Rise of the Firm

H. Hansmann, R. Kraakman, and R. Squire
Harvard Law Review

The Evolving Economic Structure of Higher Education

H. Hansmann
University of Chicago Law Review


  • Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2007
  • Fellowship, John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, 1985-1986