Yale School of Management

Recruiting Calendar

The Career Development Office partners with employers in their efforts to recruit Yale SOM students and alumni. Employer Partnership Managers are ready to support your needs and develop an optimal recruiting strategy and timeline to benefit students and recruiters alike.  Contact your CDO Employer Partnership Manager or som.recruiting@yale.edu to discuss your strategies and options. Below are key recruiting and academic dates to consider as you develop a plan.

► Recruiting Calendar is effective from July 13, 2020 and is subject to change.

Fall Semester 2020

Spring Semester 2021

4-15 All students on Winter Recess.
Limited internship interviews scheduled
18 Martin Luther King Jr. Day – University closed
19-22 First-year required course - no recruiting for First-year MBA.
Winter recess continues for graduating students – No recruiting
25 All classes meet; recruiting resumes 
9 No evening recruiting
10-12 Exams – No recruiting
15-26 Spring recess – No recruiting
2 University closed – No recruiting
6 Last Day of recruiting
12-18 Final exam period
24 Class of 2021 Commencement
19 Class of 2021 Résumé Books available
21 Full-time on-campus interview job descriptions due
31 Classes begin 
8 Kick-off for recruiting – Second-year MBA, MAM & GBS students
14 Class of 2022 Résumé Book available
21 Kick-off for recruiting – First-year MBA students. 
Student Club Resume Books available
24 No evening engagements for First-year MBA students
25 Internship on-campus interview job descriptions due
12-16 Core Exams – No recruiting for First-year MBA students
16 Exams – No recruiting
19-23 Global Networking Week - no recruiting for Second-year MBA, MAM & GBS students.
Core Class week - no recruiting for First-year MBA
9-10 No late evening recruiting due to school-wide event
23-27 Thanksgiving Recess – No recruiting
3 No evening recruiting due to a school-wide event
16-22 Exams – No recruiting 
23 Winter recess begins – University closed

We look forward to partnering with you in finding the best talent for your organization. Feel free to contact us at +1 203-432-5900, or som.recruiting@yale.edu.