Leadership Annual Giving

Donors who give at the highest levels have a significant impact on the continued excellence of Yale SOM. Leadership donors provided more than 80% of the money raised for the Yale SOM Alumni Fund last year. In addition to providing crucial support for students, faculty, and programs, leadership gifts inspire giving from classmates and other donors. 

SOM Dean’s Society

Business and Society Circle $100,000 and above
Chair's Circle $50,000 – 99,999
Partners Circle $25,000 – 49,999
Investors Circle $10,000 – 24,999
Innovators Circle $5,000 – 9,999
Fellows Circle $2,500 – 4,999
Stewards Circle $1,000 – 2,499
Associate's Circle (Graduates of the last 5 years) $500 – 999

Be a Leader: Name a Yale SOM Alumni Fund Scholarship              

While all Alumni Fund gifts advance the school’s top priorities, funding for scholarships is particularly important in helping the school remain competitive in attracting and supporting top students. With a gift of $10,000 or more to the Yale SOM Alumni Fund for scholarships, you can name a one-year merit-based scholarship.

 “With such extensive financial support, I have been able to explore careers in different realms and focus on my academics without the burden of worrying about my current financial security. The freedom to focus on the things that matter – academics, extracurriculars, and future career paths – was the driving force behind my decision to come to Yale. Empowered by this scholarship, I want to give back and am committed to giving future students the same opportunities I have received at Yale.” – Tanvee Rao 16 
  “The Yale SOM scholarship has been a vital encouragement for me as I come from a public background and aspire to get a high-level education in order to lead in business and society.” – Vusal Karimov ’16
 “Having scholarship support made the difference between whether I could actually attend Yale SOM and the kinds of activities I’ve been able to engage in since being here. It’s made it possible for me to fully concentrate on being in school and exploring professional & developmental opportunities that I am interested in. It’s also removed some of the pressures that I felt around researching post-MBA careers given my interest in the education sector.” – Fona Osunloye ’16 
  “Scholarship support was a critical part of my decision making process and one of many things that elevated Yale SOM above other schools. The scholarship has eased my debt burden and allowed me to focus 100% on classes and recruiting. It is also encouraging to know that Yale believes in my potential. I feel really connected to the community.” – Mike Ricciuti ’16
  “The scholarship I received has allowed me to fearlessly pursue my passions, rather than feeling a need to go out and find a job just to pay off loans. I'm able to explore entrepreneurship and the startup space (which currently has a dearth of women) and not need to fret at night that this isn't the right path because of financial constraints. I feel truly supported by Yale SOM, and I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.” – Laura Fletcher ’16
 “Scholarship support has been integral for my SOM enrollment and experience. Too often, especially when you hail from an underprivileged background, potentially talented graduate school candidates are deterred from pursuing professional schools. Yale’s generous scholarship has made a dream a reality by supplementing the vast cost for my education. Not only has it contributed to my educational costs, SOM’s scholarship has unlocked the opportunity to take advantage of endeavors complementary, and arguably quintessential, to the MBA experience.” – D’Andre Carr ’16