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Where did the summer go?

It was just a few weeks ago when I was thinking, wow!! no office for 5 weeks and a healthy dose of relaxation, broken occasionally by a couple of leisurely readings on how Buffett made all his billions and how Katherine Graham eased into the hot seat of Washington Post. Of course, there was also the "Company" - a tougher read than any book I had ever ventured to read. Even when the reflections on best self came up, it seemed easy enough between the scores of movies, outings and what-have-yous. Little did I realize that I was in the "eye" of the hurricane - when everything seems calm and the storm is fast approaching (remember the hurricane survival?)

A few thousand miles of flying, the Strozzi pyrotechnics, a dime-a-dozen parties and a couple of completely unfathomable econ problem sets later, the feeling is slowly sinking in of what it is to be in a B-school, and while I am trying to assimmilate this piece of information, the internship hunt season is starting in full earnest (to be honest, it's well under way for most, it's just that I am still trying to savour the moment before tip-toeing into the tasks of writing crisp resumes and other worldly pursuits).

The summer came fast and evaporated faster and the overwhelming fall and winter (of hope or despair, we are yet to uncover) loom large. Hopefully, the coming blogs will capture the emotional vicissitudes in this roller-coaster ride.