The Weekend Update

No two weekends are ever the same at SOM. Here's nine things that come to mind about the past weekend... 1. Weather broke 70 degrees. I believe we even made it to 75. This is truly something to celebrate when you're in the Northeast and it's not even May, yet. 2. Got to read a book for class that has been on my own list of "things to read" (Blink by M. Gladwell). It's not very often that you get to cross things off your personal to-do list simply by completing homework assignments. 3. Found myself manning the table for the two clubs I co-chair ("Business and the Environment" and "SOM Democrats") at Welcome Weekend wondering how it could be that I was on the other side of the table just a year ago. I think I'm going to miss being a first-year... 4. Attended the annual Latin-America Club's Welcome Weekend Fiesta on Friday night. Decided I'm not as good of a dancer as I once thought I was. 5. Weather broke 70 degrees--I think I might have mentioned that one, already, but it hasn't gotten old yet for those of us still enjoying the welcome change in temperature and amount of daylight. 6. Got to try out SOM's new online-case format. Incredibly interactive and interesting way to access materials about a case. This one happened to be about Blackstone's buyout of EOP. My favorite aspect was the interview video footage shot by SOM. Sam Zell is quite a character. Hopefully, some of you reading this blog will get to experience the new case interface in the near future. 7. My little sister turned 21 on Saturday--happy birthday, Emily! Emily is an undergrad at UC Boulder. She'll be here at SOM, soon enough... 8. Found out the Internship Fund Auction raised about $40K last weekend. Congrats to the organizers and congrats to people like me who will be getting some help with the rent this summer at our non-profit internships! 9. Weather was great.

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