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Reviving Real Estate Requires Collective Action

In the New York Times, Professor Robert Shiller writes that mortgage lenders need to write down the amounts owed by homeowners, but the different stakeholders have been unable to act collectively to do this, even though it is in their common interest.

Shyam Sunder on Global Accounting Rules

Uniform accounting standards to serve diverse economies are not feasible, write Professors Shyam Sunder and Stella Fearnley (Bournemouth University) in the Financial Times.

Gary Gorton on Transparency of financial markets

More information may not always make markets work better, say two Yale professors. A new paper by Gary Gorton, a professor at the School of Management, and Guillermo Ordoñez, a Yale economics...

Finance and the Good Society

In his new book, Professor Robert J. Shiller argues that finance should play a larger role in helping society achieve its goals.

James Choi Wins TIAA-CREF Samuelson Award

James Choi and co-authors have received the sixteenth annual TIAA-CREF Paul A. Samuelson Award for their paper, "Why Does the Law of One Price Fail?" The paper finds that the average investor does not understand the importance of mutual fund fees in investment decisions.