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Prof. Fiona Scott Morton Leads Effort to Fix Healthcare System, One Problem at a Time

Soaring health care costs in the United States burden families with expensive premiums and account for nearly a third of the federal budget. A new project led by Yale's Fiona Scott Morton and Zack Cooper is providing policymakers with evidence-based proposals to eliminate inefficiencies in the health system and reduce costs by hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

The Overlooked Value of Mistakes in Consumer Ratings and Reviews

January 29, 2021
cartoonized people in front of smart phone screen with depictions of online reviews

What good is a mistake? Not much, says conventional wisdom. Avoid mistakes. And if you make one, don’t go around advertising it. But a recent study by Taly Reich of Yale SOM and Sam Maglio of the University of Toronto demonstrates where this wisdom falters—where the admission of...

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Professor Rodrigo Canales

When did you start thinking about the importance of institutions and how they work when it comes to making people’s lives better, and about policing in particular? My original intent going into...