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Reunion Giving Officer, Development and Alumni Relations

STARS Requisition: 86531BR
University Job Title: Development Officer, Reunion Giving 
Department Job Title: Reunion Giving Officer 

Grade: 23

Position Focus: 

As a member of the Reunion Giving team, the Reunion Giving Officer solicits Yale School of Management (Yale SOM) alumni for gifts of varying sizes during their quinquennial reunions and manages alumni volunteers for several assigned reunion classes. The Reunion Giving Officer achieves annual fundraising goals tied to specific reunion classes and helps to ensure the overall success of their assigned classes in a multitude of important ways. Reports to the Director of Reunion Giving.

Essential Duties: 

  1. Organizes and coordinates fundraising efforts.
  2. Develops strategic fundraising programs, sets participation and dollar goals, and manages processes of screening and rating alumni.
  3. Provides ongoing support for chairs and committee members.
  4. Identifies, recruits, trains, briefs, and motivates committee members.
  5. Staffs and attends committee meetings.
  6. Facilitates ongoing communications between class-based volunteers involved in capital fundraising and development officers.
  7. Participates in fundraising conversations.
  8. Initiates and oversees all class-wide gift mailings.
  9. May perform other duties as assigned.

Required Education & Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in a related field and four years of related work experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 

Required Skills & Abilities: 

  1. Ability to personally and consistently close philanthropic gifts from donors. Ability to utilize industry standard fundraising best practices and values a donor-centric approach. Demonstrated ability collaborating with colleagues to determine donor philanthropic interests. Ability to promote various giving vehicles which may include planned giving.
  2. Professionalism, maturity, collaborative approach to work, and ability to maintain confidentiality. Flexible team member and willingness to work some irregular hours.
  3. Commitment to higher education and the contribution of business to society. Proven commitment to diversity and inclusion, equity, and excellence. Demonstrable commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
  4. A creative and entrepreneurial spirit.
  5. Outstanding organizational, interpersonal, and technological skills. Ability to handle diverse, simultaneous tasks while attending to details and follow-through. Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced, high-volume environment. Ability to show initiative and work independently with integrity while demonstrating a results-oriented work ethic.
  6. Demonstrated strong written and verbal communication skills to communicate effectively with alumni volunteers and colleagues about fundraising priorities, giving procedures, and SOM business. Ability to initiate and maintain direct communication with alumni.

Job title will be commensurate with experience.


Experience in a reunion fundraising program in higher education or another nonprofit organization. Experience and comfort navigating a fundraising database.


  • Customer Service Focus – Listening carefully to and understanding customers’ needs and proactively responding to those needs in a consistent and timely manner.
  • Teamwork/Communication – Working cooperatively to achieve common goals. Support cooperation, collaboration and the sharing of information.
  • Product Excellence – Provide the best quality product available and continuously upgrade standards to maintain quality.
  • Leadership – Provide direction and motivation to others through communication, modeling appropriate behavior, optimism and high achievement
  • Innovative – Openness to new ideas and their implementation. Ability to react and adapt to changing situations appropriately.
  • Strategic Thinking – Recognize opportunities, identify critical, high pay-off activities and prioritize them to attain goals.

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